About us

AsiaFastHosts is a privately owned, debt free Singapore based company, founded in 2004.

In the early days we were using Apple Xserves for our hosting servers, located in various data centers around Singapore. During those first few years, we learned 3 very important lessons: 

​1. Apple makes beautiful looking servers, but a horrible 'Server OS' to use for a hosting environment.

2. There was too much downtime in each data center due to poor planning, faulty equipment - so we could never achieve the 100% uptime we demanded.

​3.  The bandwidth (throughput) offered by the data centers in Singapore was overly expensive, and not sufficient to deal with high traffic sites.

When Apple announced they were no longer supporting their XServe servers, we decided to switch to Linux servers running CPanel, offering a much better experience for our customers. But we didn't want to run them out of a Singapore data center any more, so we spent a lot of time looking for a suitable new location: Hong Kong, Japan, London and US were all considered.

In the end, we decided on the US. Hosted on the West coast​ of the US, in a data center with a massive 10 Gig connection across to Asia. Since moving we've had zero downtime due to 'emergency network maintenance' that used to plague us in Singapore. Our servers are up 100% each and every month, and unlike most web hosts, ... as we run Cloud Linux, any urgent kernel security patches can be applied immediately without having to reboot our servers.

Business Registration

AsiaFastHosts is registered with ACRA in Singapore (53180817C). 

Data Center

Although we are based in Singapore, and whilst 87% of our clients are from the Asia region, our servers are strategically located in Arizona, on the West Coast of the US. We enjoy blazingly fast connectivity to Asia via a 10 Gig multiple redundant backbone. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) has multiple nodes across Asia, ensuring our clients websites load effortlessly no matter which Country visitors are coming from.